About Us

We are a three Political Science students from Loyola Marymount University. We have been tasked with writing about our experiences in a political psychology course.  We don’t know where this will lead yet, so what will appear on this site is anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, we should introduce ourselves:

Shawn — Shawn is a senior whose primary interest is in political theory. Currently he is writing a senior thesis about how to balance privacy and security in the surveillance age. In his spare time, he is a computer hobbyist, an avid reader of science fiction, and a fanatic film aficionado.

Katie — Katie is a junior whose primary interest in the field of Political Science is anything BUT political theory. Though she would rather be trying out a new recipe or going to see an outdoor movie, she looks forward to exploring the ideas that Political Psychology has to offer (and trying to blog about them).

Damian– Damian is a senior-ish whose primary interests in the field of Political Science are constitutional law, nationalism, terrorism, and interventionalism.  He is writing his senior thesis on Yugoslav ethnic nationalism.  He plays music, listens to police radio, works on electronics, reads, and indulges in botany.